Themed Galas

Decada - Alumni came to the reunion dressed in the attire of their Decade

Chris Gammon, Intel Systems Analyst and his wife Lanie

Prima Guipo Hower, co-founder of the Notre Dame Alumni Association, USA, graduated from Notre Dame of Lagao High School for Girls. She received her BA in Economics (minor in English) and BS in Education from the Notre Dame College now Notre Dame University. After 30 years as entrepreneur (owner, manager and designer of Crafts 'N Baskets), Prima "retired" in 2005. Following the publication of her book "Tio Doroy's Field", she went on a book signing tour in many U.S. cities, British Columbia, Canada and the Philippines. She worked at the College of Nursing at the University of South Florida supporting the Office of the Dean and Associate Deans for five years.

In October 2009, she moved to Rhode Island with husband Alvin to be close to their children and family. Prima currently resides just outside Providence, Rhode Island and works in the Student Affairs Office at Brown University School of Engineering. Prima has two children, Linda (Wellesley College 1996) and Lee (Wharton & School of Engineering at UPenn). Prima met her husband Alvin while he was a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching at Notre Dame College, Philippines. Prima recently helped to establish at her alma mater, a Children's Library in honor of her parents, Doroteo and Trinidad.

Mexican Cruise with Notre Dame Alumni

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