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MABUHAY TO ALL NOTRE DAMEANS!!! NDL batch '82 will be having a reunion on March 2007 in Lagao, Gen. Santos City. GOODLUCK and more power to NOTRE DAME ALLUMNI ASSOCIATION. MABUHAY ANG NOTRE DAME.
Ricky Limjap <>
Omagh, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland UK - Tue, October 24, 2006

tsik, e mail mo me....storyahanay ta...thanks
jose mari santos <>
USA - Tue, October 24, 2006

hello fellow DAMEANS!
Sandra Cynthia Santos-Guinto <>
General Santos City, USA - Sun, October 22, 2006

JIMBOY!!! asa na man ka gibutang sa Ginoo karon? hehehe... kumusta na, AMIGO? wala gyud ka nag-attend sa atong reunion te other year... ikaw lang ang wala didto... hehehe... hearing nako naga-plano daw sila for this December... i just dunno pa kung kinsa ang point person... well, anyway, balita pud dira... basi ganahan pud ka mag-donate ug lechon... dungog namo big-time na daw ka... hehehe... ayo-ayo, BAI... ciao... :)
RYAN '97 <>
Cebu, USA - Sat, October 21, 2006

Southern California Chapter
You are cordially invited to the 2nd Annual Christmas Party
Dec.09, 2006 6:00PM to 12:00 Midnight
Heritage Park Community Center
2900 South Brea Canyon Road
Diamond Bar, CA 91675 Tel.(909)839-7060
DINNER:Buffet Style ATTIRE:Semi Formal
*Raffles of many great gifts items *Surprise Skit
Bring gifts for voluntary exchanging of gifts if you want to join(not less than but not more than $15.00 gift)
For Tickets please contact and send payments to:
Edith Yumang Shermer Tel. (714)532-6670
434 N. Earlham St.Orange, CA 92869
For more information call: Wilbert Calumpong(714)272-6288.
Rod Soto (714)904-1994 Elena T.Gonzalez (619)475-1349

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Fri, October 20, 2006

hello everyone,,, jim here...balitaan nyo nman me bout sa reunion...hehehe intsik corny ka par rin...kmusta na mo naman ako.galing naman ng cite na least all dameans can still hook up with each other..hehehe later guys....cheers!!!!!!!!!!
jose mari santos <>
general santos city, philippines - Tue, October 17, 2006

Hi!At last I have one respondent sa mga panawagan ko.I had an email from one of my batch mate(Ms.Emmariluna Quisay),who happens to browse this web site,kala nya nakalimutan ko na sya!Really it made me happy knowing that through this web site,meron na me contact sa mga nakasama and one of my friends during our school years at NDDC batch '96.Thank you sooo much!
juvelyn borja-llamas <>
Beverly Hills, CA USA - Sat, October 14, 2006

GREETINGS To all Notre Dameans around the world.
Announcing the Notre Dame of Southern CA 2nd Annual Christmas Party'06.Everyone is invited it will be on December 09,2006 Assembly Time 6:PM Registration 6:30PM
At: 2900 S Brea Canyon Road Diamond Bar Orange Ca 91765-3429
Buffet style: 8 to 10 courses of main menu plus assortments of native desserts. W/ Lechon
Cost:$29.00 per person $10 for kids age 12 to 17yr old Kids below 12yr old are free. Come and join the party will end at 12:00midnight.
For more information watch for your invitation in the mail or
Please contact Rod Soto Tel. 714-373-3034 or Jess Mendoza Tel.562-947-0944 E-mail Elena at:
P.S. Have a safe Halloween

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Sat, October 14, 2006

Thanks for the reply, Manang Ida. I sent you email yesterday. Enjoy reading! Mwah!
mavic <>
gsc, phil - Thu, October 12, 2006

Hi,Maria Victoria! Sometimes it's good to hear from someone you least expect to keep in touch with. How's our relatives in GenSan?, Polomolok or as far as Marbel?. Trying to make plan this coming holidays and GenSan once again is ond of my itineraries. Pls. continue to keep in touch by e-mailing me as I'm always longing to hear news from relatives back home. Best Regards,
Ida Combatir-Estrada <>
Pacifica, CA USA - Tue, October 10, 2006

GOOSE CREEK, SC USA - Mon, October 9, 2006

Bro. Joseph Damian Teston just returned from the Philippines. He was the hard-working Director who established Notre Dame of Dadiangas in the early 50s and returned in August 2006 to see the school "grow" to become NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY. Congratulations Alma Mater and thanks to all the dedicated Marist Brothers, faculty members and staff who made it all happen. We are all so proud to be Notre Dameans and we pray that it will stay NOTRE DAME forever.
Prima Hower <>
USA - Thu, October 5, 2006

I am so glad to find this little corner dedicated for Dameans like me. I belong to Batch'84 of NDLG. I hope to get in touch with Ms Ida-Combatir-Estrada. I'm so happy to know that there is another "Combatir" somewhere. Hi, po!
Maria Victoria Reteracion-Combatir <>
General Santos, Philippines - Tue, October 3, 2006

Sending all my best regards to all my batch mate of BSN'96(SOL CHERIES)."Diin na kamo?"Sa tanan nga mga from upper valley area(Banga,Surallah,Norala,Isulan)&syempre ang mga tumandok sang MARBEL.Hello!Hello!
juvelyn borja-llamas,RN <>
Beverly Hills, CA USA - Sun, October 1, 2006

mabuhay! nddfg grade school batch 1996!

musta sa mga prendli prends ko dyan.

Labelle Bitalac <>
Cook Islands - Fri, September 29, 2006

Hi! I graduated high school from Notre Dame of Dadiangas For Girls in 1979. My maiden was Lilibeth Torres Gilay. I am looking for anyformer classmates of mine. Please email me and I hope to hear from you soon =]
Lilibeth Gilay Capati <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Thu, September 21, 2006

Hello everybody from NDDFG Batch 1979-80 or was it 1978-79 well known in this Batch was Catherine Yap,Maritess Algas,Rosemarie Asencio,etc.

I hope,me naka-alala pa sa akin. I`m Maria Socorro Papas noon. Kumusta naman kayo d`yan? I`m livin`in Germany since 1987,and plan to visit Gensan on Oct.,sulat kayo at baka meet tayo,kwentuhan about life. I come home almost every year,and meet nobody from my schoolmates before. Pls. write.

So long,

Maria Brueggen <>
Kempten, Bavaria Germany - Tue, September 19, 2006

how can i get my diploma notre dame of lagao graduate.. they said they want my authorization.. coz my recruiter right needs it im joining the military and they need it very urgent and important tnx.
henry-marie n. ong <>
carson, ca USA - Mon, September 18, 2006

All NDDC-HS Batch 1997:

It's been 10 really LOOOOONG years since we met, and mingled in the hallowed halls of our alma mater... i bet it's time to bump into each other and catch up on old times... 10 years can be quite a long time for those who see each other almost every day in the Lagao campus back from 1993 to 1997... i hope we can all get together - just like back in 2004 at Bań”³ Farm (thanks for sponsoring the venue, JO... maybe we can have it there once again... we heard you got a great pool constructed already... hehehe...) - where we were with our former teachers and friends/classmates/schoolmates... we do hope more can attend as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of graduating from nddc-hs... there is so much to talk about... let's put our heads together and think of something great for this celebration... it would be fun... maybe we can show up io our old uniforms - if it still fits - and have ourselves checked by the prefect if we're wearing the black leather shoes, and white socks... hehehe... we may not be at the top of the standings in the inter batch basketball tournament (i heard we only had 1 win... but we gave them our best... we'll get them next year... hehehe...) we'll have a grand time next year... let's give it our best for our reunion... we can sit over a bottle of cold beer and pulutan, and discuss this anytime soon... shoot me an e-mail should you want to assist... you're all welcome to it... we need all the help that we can get... til then... "Ad Jesum, Per Mariam..." Viva Marista!!! :)

RYAN '97 <>
General Santos, n/a PHILIPPINES - Fri, September 15, 2006

Hello, There, by the way, iba yong Elenita ang mean mo, baka si Elenita Cajes, kilala mo ba si Remy Dava? nagtrabaho din siya sa Palengke, sege regards nalang sa lahat, ingat kayo.
Salamat sa replied

Elenita <>
Antwerpen, Belgium - Fri, September 15, 2006

Good morning gensan, whats new in here? dugay na wala ko uli diha sa atoa but through this gensan guestbook feel bit home, I heard na mahal daw ang mga bilihin kong naay muoli na filipina the same complain when they go back mahal na daw masyado ang mga palaliton; well what we can do about it? Take care and be safe gensan.
Elenita Bayron- Gijs <>
Antwerpen, Belgium - Fri, September 15, 2006

Hail Notre Dame...The 2nd annual Notre Dame Day picnic of the Southern Ca Local Chapter last Saturday 09/09/06 was another big bash of success.The party started after a solemn mass at 12:00 noon by the celebrant Rev.Renato Cruz. The attendance was great.We are extending our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the picnic.The food was great. Thanks for Ed Lozano and family who donated the Lechon, by the way Ed that was a fabulous day to celebrate your B-day at the picnic too ha! Hey the mini lobsters and the grilled mussels,home made biko contributed by Jess& Helen Mendoza were so sweet and juicy, Minda we can't get enough of your yummy baclava desserts we have to bring home a whole tray of it too.Gerry thanks for the fruits that was fun we had so much melons that we had to place it in the auction sale.Baby Martinez and her beautiful daughter came too with Lucy Fauni,Alex,Pet Chiu and their grandson,Fe Urbano thanks for bringing the pansit,Tiny brought cow I mean the ribs for b-bque, Art Henares & Mr.Arenas,thanks for coming, Wilbert,Lilian and kids the choir family sang for the mass, Phillip Surmillon thats for navigating Andy & Ellen to the picnic site, Rod you are the early bird, Heidi enjoyed eating the kakanin from San Diego,Edith Yumang shermer w/husband Milo and the apos were also Edith the auction sale was fun hopefully we can do it every year it is a good source of fund raising, for those I missed so may of you please don't make tampo I am pretty sure we all had fun and enjoyed the camaraderie, for those who were not able to make it, don't forget another chance to join us again at our forthcoming Notre Dame Southern Ca chapter local Christmas Party on Dec.09'06 watch for the update.
Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Tue, September 12, 2006

Hello to all Notre Dameans all over the world!
Happy Notre Dame Day! May the spirit of Notre Dame be in your hearts where ever you are.Hope to see each other again at Vancouver.

Rosalinda Tina Dimamay <>
Newport News, Va USA - Mon, September 11, 2006

notre dame class 1958
ely brillo <>
san diego, ca USA - Sun, September 10, 2006

pls. send me an info about the alumni homecoming
glynda dumanig <>
general santos city, south cotabato philippines - Sun, September 10, 2006

Araceli Tina Ballares
Missisauga, ON Canada - Fri, September 8, 2006

Happy Notre Dame Day to Notredamians whereever you are. Remember AJPM and JMJ. Check if you have a rosary in your pocket.NDBD class'62 Cotabato City.
Delfin <>
USA - Fri, September 8, 2006

Hi to everyone. Happy NOTRE DAME DAY!!! Musta na ang bagong Notre Dame of Dadiangas University?? Proud to be a Damian talaga. I miss my alma mater so much.
EPM <>
USA - Fri, September 8, 2006

EPM <>
USA - Fri, September 8, 2006

I am glad to see a website of Notre Dame Alumnis. I am an alumni myself although I am not from General Santos City. I am from Cotabato City and I am proud of your website. Iam a product of Notre Dame from elem to college. Today is Notre Dame Day and I am writing a piece for the Mindanao Cross, an oblate run newspaper in central Mindanao, where I am a sports columnist, and I am writing some of my experiences in the NDUETD, elem batch 1975. For you guys keep the urn in flame. I am proud of being a Notre Damean. LOVE THEE NOTRE DAME!!!!!
Peter Michael Manion Babao <>
Cotabato City, Philippines - Thu, September 7, 2006

Our deepest sympathy to the families of Edith Yumang Shermer and to Norma Ramos Ting, Nelia Ramos Veneracion of Gen San for the sudden loss of their love one Gloria Yumang Ramos in GSC, Philippines, Gloria is the elder sister of Edith and a 2nd mom to the Ramos children, Glo passed away in our hometown in Dadiangas last week , her burial will be on Saturday 09/09/06.You may contact Edith here in Orange, California at (714)532-6670. Our prayer is needed for the comfort of the Yumang & the Ramos family in this time of healing.Thank you.
Elena- San Diego, CA

To all Alumni and Friends of Ligaya Ramirez Huffman. Please pray for her fast recovery, Gay had been ill, she has been in and out of the hospital and had undergone 7 minor operations in her stomach, she is still under her doctor's care and scheduled again for operation next week, you may get in touch with Gay at (951)317-8416.
Thank you. Elena -San Diego, CA

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Tue, September 5, 2006

Greetings to all Notre Damians. "Happy Notre Dame Day".
Come and join the 8th Grand Reunion of the Notre Dame Gen. Santos City Alumni Asso.USA and Canada
Date; June 21,22,23,24 2007
Theme: Dameans and Family vacation adventure in British Columbia"An exciting experience of goodwill that knows no barriers-The Mindanao Cultural Heritage".
Our Chairman of the Reunion did a great job in putting it together. If you are interested in receiving the tentative schedule of activities, please send me your email.
Minda Zamzam

minda zamzam <>
USA - Sat, September 2, 2006

pls. visit the Official Blogsite of the Notre Dame of Dadiangas College - High School Department Class 406 Batch 2000...

Guys of NDDC-HS 406 Batch 2000 meets every year, during the Christmas Holidays and will be celebrating its 7th Christmas Reunion on December 2006 in General Santos City. For more details please visit blogsite.

The Notre Dame of Lagao (formerly Notre Dame of Lagao for Girls) Grade School Department, Batch 1996 plans to hold its 10th year Anniversary on December 2006 in General Santos City, with the theme: "Green and Gold 96: Design of a Decade"...

See you there...

Engr. Philip Andrew D. Mayol, CoE (NDL 96 - Grade School, President; NDDC-HS Boys Dept. 2000, Secretary) <>
Cebu, Philippines - Mon, August 28, 2006

hoy jonell carino nga taga ontario canada.e ee-mail ko si pongak ni...heheheeh kumusta kana man diha..bay?
jerry girado <>
gensan, philippines - Thu, August 24, 2006

Reminder:Notre Dame Day Annual Picnic Sept 09 2006.
To all Notre Dame Gensan Alumni of Southern Ca Chapter there is only 17 more days and counting to our summer picnic!.For those who missed last year don't miss the fun this year come join & enjoy native dishes & seafood.Please get in touch call tel.(619)475-1349 or e-mail me at: for more also for the next announcement of our next 2006 Christmas Party update. Thanks.

Elena T.Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Mon, August 21, 2006

Reminder:Notre Dame Day Annual Picnic Sept 09 2006.
To all Notre Dame Gensan Alumni of Southern Ca Chapter there is only 17 more days and counting to our summer picnic!.For those who missed last year don't miss the fun this year come join the fun and enjoy native dishes & seafood.Please get in touch call tel.(619)475-1349 or e-mail me at: for more also for the next announcement of our next 2006 Christmas Party update. Thanks.

Elena T.Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Mon, August 21, 2006

hello batch'96 of NDDC esp BSN(Sol Cherries)!where r u guys?regards to perly mae reamon,celeste loot,anna marie cang,"barry"barrientos,to my former boardmates of engineering dept.edwin murillo,riza javier,bobby garcia,doc,christopher&christian samijon,to my landlord in rambutan street-kuya boy agulto&wife josie,to my tita in gensan doctors hosp-endoscopy dept mrs.carmen borja-andal,to my cousins chessy mae andal,christa cassandra borja,ferlyn michaela pareja,darwin solana,darlon all nurses abroad... MABUHAY!!!
Juvelyn Borja-Llamas <>
Beverly Hills, CA USA - Thu, August 17, 2006

hello 2 my sisterNlaw&husband@ND Kidapawan,Mercy LLamas-Angulo,Jun,Melisa,Best Friend Juvy Sapal-Reyes@ND Marbel University,BSN'96 like May Aquino,Lirio Labus,Ruth Vilbar,Virgie Alingasa,(friend)Aileen Bernal,Jane Jamora,Cosette Dolfo,Jennifer San JUan,Nida Bacordio,Marites Baldeviso,MAM ACE DACLAG,MAM SESTINA,MAM PAGADUAN,MAM GARCIA,MAM BELLIMAC,Charity Calderon,Debbie Romero,Nelson Chua,Richel&Maribel Silva,Norha Pangolima,Melanie Medina,etc...Good 2 have a site that we can call our own.
Juvelyn Borja-Llamas <>
Beverly Hills, CA USA - Wed, August 16, 2006

Hi,to all the NDDC alumni's specially to the BSN batch'96(sol cherries).Hello 2 mam sestina,garcia,sir magayaw,mam bellimac,etc.lirio labus,ruth vilbar,debbie romero,nelson chua,cosette dolfo,richel silva,melanie medina,marites baldeviso& last i found this web site!
Juvelyn Borja-Llamas <>
Beverly hills, CA USA - Wed, August 16, 2006

Looking for Juliette (Tet-Tet) Doromol. We were neighbors at the Philippine Refugee Processing Center (PRPC), Sabong, Morong, Bataan, Philippines, until 1992. The last we knew she was in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. We will be visiting there 28 Aug - 04 Sep and would like to see Rene, Juliette, Jeff, and Justin Doromol if possible.
We can be reached at

Vern and Marjorie Porter <>
La Veta, CO USA - Tue, August 15, 2006

musta n.. kaui mga brod&sis k jan sa kabacan ano mrmi n kau jan...kmj d2 more than... 150 n km....long live gammakins!!!!!
joey1959.... <>
surallah, kf phillippines - Thu, August 10, 2006

Our deepest sympathy to Dr. Jess Mendoza and family for the loss of his brother, Mel. On behalf of your Notre Dame family we will keep you all in our prayers. May Mel rest in peace in the hands of our Lord.
In Notre Dame,
Minda Zamzam

Minda Zamzam <>
USA - Thu, August 10, 2006

I'm looking of my High Classmates gradute in the year of 1980's in Cagayan de Oro College,Cagayan de oro city, Philippinis.I wish i could fine them.
Nancy Raagas Cadmus <>
Temecula, CA. USA - Wed, August 9, 2006

To Mendoza Family,
Our deepest sympathy to all of you, may the Lord give you strength in this moment and time.You are always in our prayers.Freedom with our Lord is eternal life and happiness.
Elena & family

Elena Gonzalez <>
San diego, C USA - Wed, August 9, 2006

To all of those who have offered prayers for my brother, Melchor Mendoza, our family thank you so much. He rallied for a while but in the end, multiple organs shutdown and complications were just too much for his body. He died peacefully this morning, after receiving the sacrament of Extreme Unction in one of the most beautiful hospitals I've seen, the St. Rose Dominican Hospital of Henderson (near Las Vegas).
Mel was an alumnus of NDD High School, class of 1960.
To my brother Mel, go in peace now and be with our Lord and Notre Dame, our Blessed Mother. Go and be with our brother, Rey. Someday, we will meet again.

Jess Mendoza <>
La Mirada, CA USA - Mon, August 7, 2006

To all NotreDameans, friends and families who are or who might be in the southern CA area on SEPTEMBER 9, 2006 (Saturday), you are all invited to our 2nd annual Notre Dame Day summer picnic of the S.Calif. Chapter. The real ND day is Sept. 8, our Blessed Virgin Mother's birthday, but since it falls on a Fri., we will celebrate it on the next day. Remember when we used to have those ND day parade around the town in GenSan, in our PMT or ROTC uniforms and the girls in their neat green and white uniforms? We will all assemble in a park facing the beach in front of the public market and with the NDD & NDL bands playing and leading the way, the boys will then try to march briskly and smartly with their wooden guns, hoping to generate some admiring glances from the Girls Dept. It's all nostalgic for an era which is now "gone with the wind".
At any rate, the picnic will be at:
7520 DALE ST., BUENA PARK, CA (It's near the Knott's Berry Farm)
Tel. # (714) 562-3871
TIME: 10:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M.
Fr. Renato Cruz, a ND alumnus, will say a mass at about noon to commemorate the event.
To generate some funds for our organization, their will be a silent auction of some household items and special food prepared by some of the members. Here is your chance to buy some things that you might need at below the market price and tax-free to boot.
The food & drinks are on us, mainly to be brought by the core officers and members of the S.CA Chapter. So just bring yourselves and let's have fun and camaraderie on that day!
Make use of the Mapquest for direction and for more information, please call Elena, Rod, Edith or Ligaya whose telephone numbers were listed by Elena somewhere below on this Guestbook.

Jess Mendoza

Jess Mendoza <>
USA - Sun, August 6, 2006

Batch 87 NDDC Lagao Campus
Don Pagaduan <>
Mission Viejo, CA USA - Sat, August 5, 2006

I wanna say hello to my batchmates in NDDFG in gensancity. To all batch '94..... we R U guys?
Girlie Joana <>
Los Angeles, Ca USA - Fri, August 4, 2006

HOUSTON, TX USA - Mon, July 31, 2006

Hi everyone,
I am searching for all Lagao and Dadiagas notre dameans in Vancouver and all over Canada. If you know of anyone please email me or send me sa short note with their address and telephone number. Please ask their permission
before you send it.
My address: 2917 Brunswick Circle Corona, Ca 92879

Minda Zamzam <>
USA - Sat, July 29, 2006

I would like to request for prayers from our Notre Dame alumni and friends for my brother, Melchor Mendoza, who is now in a very critical condition at the ICU at St. Rose Medical Center in Las Vegas. He had a perforated intestine and underwent an emergency surgery last night. Renal shutdown and poorly controlled Diabetes had complicated his condition.
Mel was an NDDC H.S. graduate of 1960. Their class was the first to graduate from the then new NDDC building in Dadiangas.
Any prayers you can send to God, from the bottom of our hearts, will be much appreciated. And "Ad Jesum per Mariam."
Thank you,.

Jess Mendoza <>
La Mirada, CA USA - Tue, July 25, 2006

hello mabuhay to all notre dameans, im frm notre dame of tacurong for girls, looking to all my friends and classmates n batch 1994...... asan na kayo magparamdam naman kayo....well, wish to see u all this coming december 2006.

thank u

moonyeen lazarito
nijverheidstraat 1a bus 2004
8620 nieuwpoort, belgium

moonyeen lazarito <>
nieuwpoort, belgium, 8620 belgium - Tue, July 25, 2006

Hello, somebody there wants to help me, I'm looking a person named Francisco Lee,Please help me to find his Tel. No. Thanks
francisco berber <>
cabantuan c, philippines - Tue, July 18, 2006

To All Dameans,
Just letting you know we had a good time of laughter and good attendance at the NDGSC So.Ca Chapter meeting last Saturday 7/15/06 at Edith Shermer's place, plus we enjoyed the sumptous banquet everyone contributed especially Kalderetang kambing of Edith. Kudos to our officers and active members. Anyway the Christmas Party for our Local Chapter will be on the 9th of December 2006.We are also cordially inviting you again at our next Potluck meeting this coming August 19'06.Please continue to visit our website for up-dates of this meeting, Sept.Picnic activities and Christmas Party venue and more. Thanks again.Please don't miss to contact us.

Elena T.Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Mon, July 17, 2006


Elena T.Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Mon, July 10, 2006

Hello everyone,it's Family Picnic Time again for Notre Dame GenSan Alumni of Southern CA Local Chapter.Come and join us When: Sept. 9,'06
Venue:Boisseranc Park 750 Dale St. Buena Park, CA 90620
What: 2nd Annual Family Picnic IT'S A POTLUCK!
Reminder to all members please check below your assignments to bring.
Wilbert Calumpong-Fish; Rod Soto-Soft Drinks; Ed Lozano-Lechon; Edith Shermer-Barbecue; Minda Zamzam-2 Trays of Baklava; Corazon Martinez-Fried Tilapia; Jess Mendoza-Oysters, Clams, & Shrimps; Elena Gonzalez-Kakanin & Fried Dilis; Ligaya Huffman-Instant Coffee, Kettle, sugar, creamer, Pansit Bihon; Gerry Hingco-Variety of Fruits & Kinilaw; Rolly Seneriches- Disposable Dinner Wares & Silver Wares, Kitchen Utensils, ice & table cloth; Tiny Divinagracia-something main menu or dessert.Fe Lautengco Urbano-something main menu or dessert.
EVERYONE IS ALSO BEING REMINDED TO BRING CANOPY,(CHAIRS)& CHARCOAL!!!Please contact members below if you have any questions and use your mapquest for directions.
Ligaya Ramirez Huffman Tel. (909)782-8928
Rod Soto - Tel.(714)373-3034; E-mail
Elena Gonzalez-(619)475-1349; E-mail
Please join us,and enjoy. Thank you.

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Sat, July 8, 2006

cool site,congrats to all dameans.hi to all nddc batch'81elem.dept.and to all batch '85 high school dept...go..go...go...dameans..praise the notre dame!
ping nunez <>
gensan, philippines - Fri, June 23, 2006

Hi! This message is for Bessie B. Yap. Kindly extend my best regards to your younger brother Gerry. Thank you!
Vicky <vberjamin>
Los Angeles, Ca USA - Wed, June 14, 2006

Hi! This message is for Grace. Sorry to gate crash but I'm just wondering if you have a brother in the name of Gerry. Can you please extend my best regards to him. Thank you!
Vicky <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wed, June 14, 2006

Batch 1972-Elememtary
Gabriela Velez Nacario <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sun, June 11, 2006

hi fellow notredameans,
please include the website of NDDC HS Batch '73 in your links.

gilbert tan <>
general santos, philippines - Wed, May 31, 2006

Dear Fellow Dameans,
Kamusta po kayong lahat? Ako po ay kabilang sa Batch 81-Fighting Irish-Gensan. Im happy to announce that our batch is the host for this year Alumni reunion in our beloved city of Gensan. I hope this is a be better way in trying to reach you and somehow inform you of our planned activities. Well, at present we are having our Basketball tournament every Sundays. Im happy to inform you that it is well-attended by different batches. By September, A bowling tournament is scheduled to be played. A lot of activities are being planned by our batch untill the homecoming this December. From time to time, I will try my best to inform you of the events here. Hope you could make it on December. We'll be happy to see you.
Always In Notre Dame,
Raymond Mendoza
Figthing Irish-Gensan

Raymond Anthony D. Mendoza <>
General Santos City, Philippines - Tue, May 30, 2006

Hi to all the Dameans,and officers of the alumni all over the world,
i thank you and appreciate for including my name in your yearbook 2005.have fun on the coming reunion Vancouver 2007 pls. email me at

Nenita Dumpa-Schonrock <>
Easton , MN USA - Mon, May 15, 2006

hey whats up,everything cool, what ever happened to batch 97 of entries here from you we know school is cool.hehehehehe. we didnt before..thanks notre dame
jose mari m. santos <>
USA - Mon, May 15, 2006

Greetings and Happy Mother's Day.
In behalf of Tessie Fernandez Mapalo a mother of 4,We are appealing to all her friends, Tess needs our financial support. As you have known or to those who have not heard yet, Tess had an operation last April 2006 of a recurrent malignant tumor that affected her right eye, cheekbone, her mouth at least half of her face at UCLA Harbor Medical Hospital, we are thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers, Tess is now in her home, though she is not quite well yet & still recuperating, please continue to pray for her. But most of all Tess needs our financial support. We Notre Dameans of GenSan of So.Ca Chapter are trying to reach you if possible to add to our voluntary cash donation for Tess to defray for her daily needs & medications. Please send it to her address below:

Tessie Fernandez Mapalo
7730 Woodman Ave # 11
Panorama City, CA 91402

May your generosity be rewarded a hundred fold and remember to also count our little blessing everyday.
May every mother be blessed with good health. God Bless.

Contact person: Aurora Mapalo Centeno her Sister in-law
Tel. 310-562-8293. Thanks again... Elena

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, Ca USA - Sat, May 13, 2006

hello to all dameans! I belong to Batch 81. We are the host batch for this year alumni homecoming. Hope we could solicit some support from you. Thanks. Raymond
USA - Wed, May 10, 2006

Another successful gathering of pre-historic southern california Dameans.
Looking forward to fund drive trip to Vegas. I am ready to rumble... what I mean gamble. Madam Edith make sure I don't lose my pants. Andy and Elena, thank you for the hospitality. You have a nice home. Jerry, you're one funny dude. Doctor Mendoza, you're cool. Rod Sotto, I'll give you an "A" for perfect attendance. Angel Boloico, you're a renegade. Will see you guys at the ferry bus on the 13th (glad it's a saturday and not a friday).

Tiny Divinagracia C'67
San Diego, California USA - Wed, May 3, 2006

Hello everyone,looking for Notre Dame of Dad. for Girls batch 87 and NDDC Nursing 92
Perlita Sunga Gaviola <>
Brisbane, QLD Australia - Sun, April 30, 2006

pls visit my simple website ty

boyet quinco <>
gensan, philippines - Sat, April 29, 2006

To all members of Notre Dame So. CA chapter & Northern Ca.
Please be informed by this short notice that the meeting has been moved from date of:
APRIL 22 to APRIL 23'06 on SUNDAY - TIME: 11:00am
AT: Elena T. Gonzalezs' Residence Tel.(619)475-1349
6721 Aegean Way San Diego, CA 92139 (cell:619-997-5528)
Please see your mapquest for directions .
There will be a light lunch to be served (Arroz Caldo soup)
You need not to bring any food.
After the meeting the group will proceed to attend the grand party of Fely Akol Pedrenas' grandchildren double B-day celebration here in San Diego for late lunch. Fely's Tel.(619)434-9765. Please come and see San Diego one more time this spring. This serves as your invitation. We apologize for this very short notice.Please pass the word. Thanks, Elena

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu, April 20, 2006

I belong to batch90/noventa of NDDC lagao boys. Kumusta sa lahat ng batch ko sa noventa. From the soccerplayer of noventa we are proud to be a DAMEANS. Until now we are united and play soccer every saturday dito sa gensan.


jst surfing n found this nice/usefull site. im a damean from ND kiamba-69 hs;NDDC-ACCTG 1978. REGARDS TO ALL n congrats to this wonderful website
eduardo r. villamor <eddvillamor@yahoo>
gen san, philippines - Thu, April 20, 2006

Hello, I'm a graduate of Notre Dame of Lagao Batch '98. Just surf in. Hopefully, someday I will be able to join you guys :)

Salamat po,


Analyn <>
West Bend, WI USA - Tue, April 18, 2006

To all friends & Notre Dameans,please continue to pray for Tess Fernandez Mapalo, she will again undergo her operation (2nd) for recurrent malignant tumor around her same right eye in the morning of Thursday, April 20th here in USA.
To Heidi,
Tess received your March 20th website message for her. I read & relay it to her over our phone conversation.
Heidi, please do relay to all friends there back home to offer their most ardent prayers to our Blessed Mother & the Holy Spirit for the success of her operation & to fill her heart & inkindle - in her the comfort while she is undergoing her treatment. Thanks again. ...Happy Easter to everyone, Elena.

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San diego, CA USA - Sat, April 15, 2006 all Notre Dameans of Tacurong for Girls. Looking for all batch 1995-1996.
Catherine Lamanosa <>
Davao, 8000 Philippines - Sat, April 15, 2006

The website for TD Library ( is now up. Please visit and see how you can contribute to the children's library at Notre Dame College!
Chris Gammon
Santa Clara, CA USA - Fri, April 14, 2006

To all Alumni of Notre Dame of GENSAN in Southern and Northern CA.Once again let us continue the fun. Please join us to our spectacular & fabulous trip to Las Vegas.
First come first serve basis.
When: May 13, 2006.
Price:$25.00 per person.Dead line for payment April 25,'06
Payable to Minda H.Zamzam
Age: 21 and up
Free: Lunch Buffet
Assembly Pick up Time: on or before 6:00AM
2 Bus Pick up sites
a) Orange County b) Kaiser Fontana.
Drop off: Buffalo Bill/Whisky Pitt
You may bring bag of snack and soft drinks in the bus, no alcohol.For more information please get in touch with Minda at, or e-mail Elena at, Tel (619)475-1349, or refer to Jess Medoza's entries below for more phone contacts. Come and join us to help raise funds for our organization, enjoy and promote camaraderie! See you.
P.S. Our next Lunch Potluck meeting will be on April 22,'06 at Jess Mendoza's residence. You may bring your payment for our Las Vegas trip,come and join & feel free to e-mail us for more information.Thank you. Elena.

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu, April 13, 2006

In line with our goal of helping the national organization in accomplishing its fund drive for the Notre Dame schools in our next reunion in Vancouver, the S. California Chapter is sponsoring a Las Vegas turnaround trip on May 13, 2006. Details to be given soon by our hard-working secretary, Elena Gonzales. All alumni in the S. California region are invited to join and revive that Notre Dame spirit once more. The fee is cheap. For added information you can call me at (562) 587-7428 , our Natl. Pres. Minda Zamzam at(951)310-1277 or Rod Soto at(714)904-1994.
Happy Easter to all.

Jess Mendoza <>
La Mirada, CA USA - Wed, April 12, 2006

Hello to all Notre Dameans.Looking for all batch 86.
charina chan <>
Klang, Malaysia - Wed, April 12, 2006

June 23-25 will be a momentous day for the Filipinos, as they will take a big step forward never done before - staging a three-day extravaganza of artistic, colorful, Philippine ethnic tribal dances - right at the streets of Los Angeles. Spearheaded by SKCAFI, all fronts are currently in the heat of action to launch the first ever "TAMBAYAYONG FESTIVAL 2006", an ambitious cultural project that will feature the various ethnic tribal dances of the Filipinos, and bringing them right into the streets of the prominent cities of the United States. The show will carry on with the same force and vigor in the cities of Chicago, New Jersey, New York and Houston.

General Santos City is one of the cities invited to this festival. A contingent of 35 performers (musicians & dancers combined) will be sent to Los Angeles together with the City Mayor & Vice Mayor and six councilors. The group will be showcasing Gensan's TUNA FESTIVAL experience by way of its participation to the Street Dancing Competition and the PAGANA (a unique dining experience) with the TUNA FISH taking center stage.
The City Mayor hopes to meet with the Officers of the organization and the Southern California chapter too. It will be a night of cultural perfomances and of course a way to invite everyone to Experience Gensan all over again. Hope to see you guys real soon!

Dubbed the "FESTIVAL OF FESTIVALS", the show is relatively colossal in size by comparative measure, consisting of a long chain of the best tribal dances from all over the Philippines. At the backdrop of the show exhibits the indigenous arts and crafts handmade by the Filipinos; a product exposure intended to promote industry at the grass roots level.

Orman O. Manansala <>
General Santos City, Philippines - Fri, April 7, 2006

Our deepest sympathy to the Buensuceso Family for the loss of their beloved mother Luz. Her cremated remains will be brought back from USA to the Philippines to lay her rest. Let us pray for their comfort & for the Holy Spirit to console the bereaved family.

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Mon, April 3, 2006

Hello and Happy Easter to all!!!
Ricky Limjap <>
omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - Tue, March 21, 2006

Hi to Tess Fernandez-Mapalo.

Tess, we haven't heard from you since your operation. Hope you have recovered and doing well. Inday Durico is in Gensan for a short vacation and we'd had the chance to renew friendship and reminisce the good 'ol high school days with her and some classmates. We look forward to having you around in a get-together when you visit Gensan one of these days. Just last Saturday, we spent the night videoke-ing the sounds of the 70's at Dolly Pasion-Estares' house in NLSA. And, oh boy, did we have a good time!

To Prima and the gang, thanks for this great website where we can drop a message or two for our friends/classmates located in the great US of A! Hi to Lannie Zerrudo-Gammon, Elena and Andy, still remember me?...Inday's been a year since you left the Philippines, no? also, hi to may ka-batch at notre dame - henry rogan, bert nacua, evelyn lim-buhler who are now US-based.

Heidiliza Majaducon-Uy <>
General Santos, PHILIPPINES - Mon, March 20, 2006

hi to all my schoolmates,
It's nice to know that there's website like this that caters to all grads of notre dame, especially from gensan. Actually, our batch ND-HS (dadiangas, lagao..) has been regularly meeting together, almost every month., somewhere in Ortigas. If there's someone from that batch, you are warmly invited to come with us, dine with us, and meet us personally. Let us talk about gensan, let us joyfully reminesce the past, and talk about anything under the moon...
Or you may contact us or me.. cell 09228041982 or email me: or if you are in manila area, you may pass by at healthway med. clinic-cosmetic surgery at robinsons place manila.

in notre dame,
marlon lajo,m.d. NDDC-HS'89

marlon lajo, md <>
manila, USA - Sun, March 19, 2006

Hey, cool site and guestbook...
Clint <>
General Santos City, Phi. - Fri, March 17, 2006

Hail Notre Dame...
Guys our 1st Southern Ca meeting last Feb.11,'06 with Prima,Nena and dedicated members went smooth and fun.
Iam inviting again all Notre Dameans of So.CA & Northern CA
We are expecting you again at our next meeting. Please see
information below to update you.
What :POTLUCK Meeting bring your favorite main dish/desserts
Where:Ligaya Ramirez Huffman Residence
1560 Pelham Drive
Riverside, CA 92506 Tel. (951)317-8416
When :March 18, 2006 Lunch time 11:30am thru (to be announced)TBA after the meeting.
Please attend the meeting this is our 2nd meeting of this year 2006. See some sneak blinks of our agendas below:
Such as exciting turnaround trip to Las Vegas, sure, you donot want to feel left out of the thrill right !!!.
We have so much to discuss on the updates of our Charitable donations which we need your inputs and your suggestions.
Plese join to plan for early reservations where and when we could hold our next local Christmas Party ,open for discussions where we can make our party better from our 1st one last year.Many more things to bring up.
Of course the success of this Organization lies on your presence,cooperation and envolvement.Ok ,PLEASE PASS THE WORDS.Thanks again.
(Wow this is getting serious for Mama Mary)
Lastly... have a safe and solemn Holy Week.

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, Ca USA - Mon, March 13, 2006

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Engr. Fred M. Dawang who passed away on his sleep on March 6, 2006. He is survived by his wife Maureen, daughter Dr. Myra Dawang Partridge and his younger children Mylene, Myla, Dodie and his sons in-law and grandchildren. All his children were alumni of our Alma Mater NOTRE DAME. We offer our heartfelt prayers & condolences to the bereaved family.
Andy & Elena

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, Ca USA - Fri, March 10, 2006

i would want to be a member so i can reach out to my brother who works for nddc
alyss michaela c. solon <>
cagayan de oro city, philippines - Fri, March 10, 2006

"To a well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure". Same way here, our deepest sympathy to the Pacheco family.
Tiny Divinagracia C'67
San Diego, California USA - Thu, March 9, 2006

Condolence to the bereaved family of Baby Pacheco. Baby Pacheco is a ND Alumna and a resident of Lagao, GenSan City passed away due to cancer. Our prayers and condolences.

Ontario, Canada - Sat, March 4, 2006

anybody who would be able to give info as to the whereabouts of lara mangelen, ndhs tacurong batch 85, pls send me an email. thanks.
joel celaje <>
surrey, bc canada - Mon, February 27, 2006

Lucilee Castromayor <tatskie_1959>
TACURONG, PHILIPPINES - Tue, February 21, 2006

Just received an email from Lingling Reamon Ferrer's son, Ryan, with the following update: "Thank You! Hello, Everyone. I've talked to my mom and she told me about the Good news, the lump is now gone (after chemo and radiation)......Thanks to God and thanks to all of you..... for your support, love and prayers...
Our Prayers and love, God Bless! Ryan and Theresa
Happy Valentines Day too!" Thank you to all Notre Dameans who offered prayers for Lingling....every little prayer counts! Please continue to pray for her full recovery and back to a full, healthy long life. To all fellow 1966 graduates of NDL - Happy 40th Anniversary this coming, has it been that long??? Sugoi!!!(Awesome!)

Shirley Zolina Victa <>
Yokosuka-shi, Japan - Mon, February 13, 2006

To all Alumni,
In behalf of Tess Fernandez Mapalo, I would like to convey her profound and outmost thanks to all of you and her friends for your thoughts and prayers for her.She was able to phone me.She is still at the UCLA hospital. She is now recuperating.Her operation on her right eye was done last Wednesday at 9:30PM, Feb 08 .The doctor was unable to take all the tumors around her right eye and near her checkbone. She said she will still undergo thru radiations most probably after a month or so.
I'm appealing to everyone to continue our sincere prayers for her.We believe MIRACLES do happen. Her address is:
7730 Woodman Ave.#11
Panorama City, CA 91402 Cell Ph. (818)648-6445
Thanks again. Elena

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Sat, February 11, 2006

I'm the sister-in-law of Tess. I visited her yesterday at Harbor UCLA and she was in good spirits. She appreciates all of your concern, kindness, and prayers. Thank you and God bless you.


Aurora Mapalo Centeno <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Tue, February 7, 2006

For Tess Fernandez Mapalo
Our thoughts and prayers go to you as you undergo this delicate operation. We wish you well and talk to you soon. Will call you when we get to LA Saturday. Keep that fighting Notre Dame spirit! Prima

Prima Hower
USA - Sun, February 5, 2006

To All Alumni,
Please pray for Tess Fernandez Mapalo(NDL/NDDC).She will undergo a very sensitive operation of a recurrent malignant mixed tumor around her right eye this coming Monday, Feb 6,'06 at UCLA. Our urgent prayer to our Lord and through Blessed Mother our Advocate to guide her doctors for the success of her operation is much needed.Tess attended our NDAA of Southern CA 1st christmas party last Dec.'05 in Buena Park, CA. Tess is a sweet and loving care giver to her patients. For cards or monetary contributions will be greately appreciated by Tess.You may send it to her address at: 7730 Woodman Ave.#11 Panorama City,CA
You may contact her sister-inlaw Baby Mapalo Centeno at
her cell ph# (310) 562-8293. Thank you.

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Sat, February 4, 2006

just want to get involved wuth my alma matter.. thanks to all the pipol who still have the spirit to continue the legacy of a true damean.more power to all.
joam <>
aurora, co USA - Fri, February 3, 2006

ANNOUNCEMENT:1st of the year meeting of NDAA of GenSan USA So Ca Local Chapter.
To all Notre Dame Alumni at South and Northern CA.
When:Feb.11,2006 - Saturday - 12:00 Noon
Where:Edith Yumang Shermer's Res. Tel. 714-532-6670
434 N Earlham St. Orange, CA 92869
What:POTLUCK Pls.bring your favorite native or exotic dish
RSVP: Edith Y.Shermer or Rod Soto 97140904-1994
WE have so much plans to share with you,acknowledge your help and to thank you personally,you can share your opinions,participate, get envolve,we need your help to make this organization the best source for our Alma Mater and good cause that they could be proud of us here in USA. Prima will be with us and her sister will be with us. THIS SERVES AS YOUR INVITATION.Please pass the word. Thank you.
Let us have fun too.
In Notre Dame,
Secretary-NDAA of GenSan So.Ca Chapter- tel (619)475-1349

Elena T. Gonzalez <>
San Diego, CA USA - Mon, January 23, 2006

HI!! I'm a member of batch '89 of Notre Dame of Cotabato for Boys' department...,hope to hear from you guys soon...
John Phillip Oliver Pendatun Matalam <>
- Mon, January 23, 2006

To all friends of alumni in Southern California,

On Saturday, Feb. 11 the NDAUSA Southern Cal Chapter is meeting at:

Milo and Edith Yumang Shermer Residence

My sister Nena and I are planning to attend. We hope to see as many of you there.

I am giving away signed limited edition of Tio Doroy's Field, a book I wrote about our town/country using my family as vehicle to tell the story of our customs, traditions and hometown GenSan. In case you don't get an invitation in the mail, consider this your personal notice. Thank you and hope to see you at the meeting.

Please contact Elena Tingson Gonzales at for directions, details, etc. See you soon. Prima Guipo Hower and Nena Guipo Adonay

Prima Hower <>
Tampat, FL USA - Sun, January 22, 2006

to all my batch 1984 touch my warm apology to all. who attended reunion last dec. 31,2005. thank you guy's for the invitation!
John Verner V. Biongan <>
Davao , Philippines - Sat, January 21, 2006

Hello All,

I'm trying to locate Henry Chan. Kindly respond to my email address:



Fatima <>
Saugus, CA USA - Fri, January 13, 2006

Special greetings to the Zolina family - in the US, Canada,
Philippines and Japan. Thank you Janet and Shirley for keeping
in touch and spreading our singular Filipino customs and
traditions as you share them with your friends in Canada and
Japan. (Visit later this month for more about
the Zolina's Christmas abroad).

Our thoughts go out to Ling-ling Reamon. Here's wishing you
speedy recovery. With new breakthroughs in the world of
medicine and the power of prayers, we know you will pull through
and we look forward to seeing you in Vancouver 2007.

Happy New Year everyone.

Prima Hower
Tampa, Florida USA - Sat, January 7, 2006

Happy New Year to all Notre Dameans. I just got off the phone with one of our NDL 1966 graduates, Ms. Liwanag (Ling-Ling) Reamon Ferrer. She is currently undergoing chemo/radiation as her cancer has returned. She is in Davao and requests your prayers (especially asking for Prima) that she will be able to pull through this massive chemical invasion of her body. As you read this, please say a special prayer for her. She is currently not in pain but very weak. I think I boosted her energy a bit by my surprise phone call to her. If you want to give her a call, please email me for her cell number. God bless you, Lingling, and the rest of the Notre Dameans going through this same situation. ..........Tally
Shirley Zolina Victa <>
Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan - Thu, January 5, 2006

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