Officers for 2015-2017:

President -- Carlito S. Ferrariz
Vice Pres -- Sonny Yumang Sagalongos
Secretary -- Juliet Nagnal Laughter
Treasurer -- Rose Tina Dimamay
AssistTre -- Malut Diaz-Corlett
Auditor -- Rod Soto

Board of Advisers Lulut Palacios Chan
Noh Dalid Conrad
Imelda "Bing" Biadoma Wigginton
Eddie Lozano
Virgie "Gie" Abrea
Bernadette Graham
Lydia Lopez
Wilbert Calumpong

Council of Past Presidents:
Art Henares, NDL64, NDDC, President 1993-1995
Prima Guipo Hower, NDL67, NDDC71, President 1995-1997
Rayland Rogan, NDL64, President 1997-1999
Angel Boloico, NDL67, NDDC, President 1999-2001
Sol Santos Cuenco, NDL74, President 2001-2003
Henry Rogan, President 2003-2005
Minda Hingco Zamzam, NDL66, President 2005-2007
Magno "Ding" Mateo, NDD Elem., President 2007-2009
Jess Mendoza, NDD HS '64, President 2009-2011
Nena Guipo Adonay, President 2011-2013
Leilanie Zerrudo Gammon, President 2013-2015
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