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Reunion 2009, San Diego/Cruise
"CruisingThrough the Changes"
The Ninth Grand Reunion, June 19-25, 2009. During the reunion in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Notre Dameans of General Santos City voted to go International for a second time. The 9th Biennial Reunion was supposed to be a Mexican Cruise on the Pacific Ocean south of the border. But when the economy went south as well, the leadership had to change plans and they decided to hold a 3-day event in Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Diego. It was a stroll down memory lane--figuratively and actually--just a stone's throw from the location of the first ever Notre Dame reunion held at next-door neighbor Marriott Hotel. All events were applauded and appreciated by many happy smiling Dameans and many new faces that has never been to reunions before and some who had been absent for 10 years or so. The customary Friday Night Welcome Party, the Gala Night "Decada", and the Pinoy Piknik & Sugba-sugba were well attended--peaking at 160+during the dekada. And per popular request, they danced from dusk to the wee hours...the party breaking up at 12:30 am. Thanks to Hyatt for extending the party for 30 extra minutes all gratis!

As always, "a picture paints a thousand words" so enjoy our photo gallery. Our President Ding said, "Let's bask in the afterglow of the recent memorable event and look forward towards another weekend of fun in Virginia 2011." After all, that's what reunions are all about. Food, dancing, visit to tourist spots and the rest are only icing on the cake--they can't take the place of the real "cake" -- the fellowship, the camaraderie and treasured friendships. Remember Virginia is for Lovers.

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