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Reunion 1999, Secaucus NJ
(adjacent to) "The Big Apple"
During the BalikGensan sa New Jersey, 1999, over 300 alumni, family and friends met again. More than 25 mentors attended. We are truly grateful to them for taking the children of Gen. Santos City from their humble beginnings and molding them into successful Alumni of today. We give thanks to our NOTRE DAME whose inspiration brought these missionaries to our little corner of the world.

Alumni arrive and register in the hotel lobby.

How many alumni can we pack into a hotel room? After registration, people congregate to catch up on the years in between.

Yes, another bus and another great city tour!

Frank and Ann McKnight, parents of Bro. Jim McKnight,
Lulut Palacios Chan, Bro. Paul Meutens at Ray Rogan's Friday party

Fr. Rene Cruz, NDDB with Bro. James McKnight, Clarise Javier, Bro. Manny Uluan, & Bro. Willy Lubrico from NDD College, Philippines.

Bro. Bernard with the Dominican Sisters from New Jersey and Philippines

Minda Gabutina Fuentes from the Philippines with friends, Dorie Dantoin, Lani and Ellen Hoyumpa, wife of Santiago Hoyumpa.

Billy Vidal representing the late Elena Royeca Vidal, Chairman of the New Jersey Reunion who died a month before the event, Mila Royeca and Clot Gabutina Arzaga.

Michael and Lesley, children of Lulut Palacios Chan performing a Muslim Dance

Magno Mateo III, NDDCE introduces Bro. Paul Meutens to his daughters

President Ray Rogan escorting Mrs. Rosky Santos Munda, who came from Davao, Philippines to be our guest speaker. She is the daughter of Gen. Paulino Santos Sr.

Nap Nierre, NDDB, Cheryl Mendaros Sulit, Mary Ann Asencio Ficek, & Naty Gutilban Chong, all from NDDG Class 1975 reunited

"Bye...." waving goodbye is Susan, wife of Henry Rogan, with gracious host Aliena, wife of Rayland Rogan.

One last picnic, at Liberty Park.

Founding President Art Henares & President Rayland Rogan (seated)
(l-r) Dorie Arradaza Dantoin, Ron Casquejo, Bing Ferrariz, Prima Guipo Hower, Sol Santos Cuenco, Nena Guipo Adonay, President Elect Angel Boloico, Rod Soto

Officers 1999-2001
President.....Angel Boloico, Riverside, California
VP.................Dan Casquejo, Lakeview Terrace, California
Sec...............Prima Guipo Hower, Tampa, Florida
Treas...........Bing Ferrariz, Bronx, New York
Auditor.........Gerry Hingco, Walnut, California

Members of the Board:
Nena Guipo Adonay, Orlando, Florida
Ernesto Casquejo, Laguna Hills, California
Sol Santos Cuenco, Concord, California
Dorie Arradaza Dantoin, Casco, Wisconsin
Henry Rogan, West Orange, New Jersey

Presidential Committees:
Financial Officer......Art Henares, Walnut, California
Reunion Chairman....Minda Hingco Zamzam, Corona, California
Fund Raising...........Rod Soto, Westminster, California
Membership............Gloria Plateros Santos & Milo Santos, Bellflower, California
Reunion Attendance.....Ligaya Ramirez Tancinco, Riverside, California
Sponsor a Mentor..........Dorie Arradaza Dantoin, Casco, Wisconsin
Eileen Gray Bacheller, Salem, Oregon
1993 San Diego 1995 Las Vegas 1997 San Francisco 1999 Secaucus 2001 Los Angeles 2003 Las Vegas 2003 GSC 2005 Orlando 2007 Vancouver 2009 San Diego/Cruise

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